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Cabela's and Never Burning Bridges

When I started my photography career, I left school and returned to my hometown of Denver, CO.  I began freelance assisting for any and every commercial photographer in town that would take a chance on me and eventually I worked for a guy that referred me to a group of guys that were photographing catalogs for Cabela's.  Thankfully, I was young and single at the time because the job required that I stay in Sidney, Nebraska for the duration of the shooting season which was about four weeks.  They put me up in the El Palomino Motel and gave me a little food money so it was a pretty good gig.  I worked with these guys several times and the last time I went up there Cabela's hired an in house studio manager named Curt.  A few years later I assisted the photographer who did all the fashion work for Cabela's and although we shot all over Colorado we did shoot some in Sidney.  Fast forward about 15 years and Cabela's has gone from the two stores they had when I first worked there to opening their 51st store in Greenville, South Carolina which is only thirty minute from where I now live.  Curt recently contacted me to shoot interiors and exteriors of the new store.  It is amazing how work comes around and contacts that were made long ago can pay off years later.  


Cabela's, Greenville, SC

Cabela's, Greenville, SC

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